FLIR Si124-PD, Acoustic Imaging Camera for Partial Discharge Detection
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FLIR Si124-PD, Acoustic Imaging Camera for Partial Discharge Detection

FLIR Si124-PD is an ultrasonic imaging camera who can help you to display and locate partial discharge problems in high-voltage electrical systems up to 10 times faster than traditional methods. Built with 124 microphones, this lightweight, one-handed solution produces a precise acoustic image that visually displays ultrasonic information, even in loud industrial environments.

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Get your partial discharge problems program up and running in minutes

The FLIR Si124-PD is an easy-to-use, stand-alone system for detecting partial discharge problems in high-voltage electrical systems. This lightweight, one-handed solution is designed to help engineering professionals identify issues up to 10 times faster than with traditional methods. With 124 microphones, the Si124-PD produces a precise acoustic image that visually displays ultrasonic information, even in loud environments and at long distances. The acoustic image is overlaid in real time on a digital camera picture, which allows the user to accurately pinpoint the source of the sound. Users can then apply the FLIR Severity Assessment analysis to classify the severity of the issue and provide guidance on recommended actions to resolve the problem. The Si124-PD features a plugin that enables users to import acoustic images to FLIR Thermal Studio suite for offline editing, analysis, and advanced acoustic and thermography report creation. Field analysis and reporting can also be done using the FLIR Acoustic Camera Viewer cloud service. Through a regular maintenance routine, the FLIR Si124-PD can help facilities save money on repairs and increase asset reliability.

Available in additional models which include a cordless battery option: the Si124 for electric utility and leak-detection applications or the Si124-LD for leak-detection applications. 


Detect partial discharge and corona up to 10 times faster with ultrasonic imaging vs. traditional methods

• Locate problems precisely, even in loud industrial environments, thanks to high-resolution acoustic images and 124 built-in microphones

• Optimize staff time, as minimal training is required to use the Si124-PD

• View visual and sound images simultaneously

• Operate the lightweight camera with one hand for safety and reduced strain

• Easily review images on the display in bright conditions


Minimize equipment failures and downtime that result from partial discharge issues

• Analyze partial discharge pattern and classify problems to improve reliability of electrical systems

• Classify partial discharge type including negative corona, positive and negative corona, floating discharge, and surface or internal discharge

• Evaluate frequency to determine the type and severity of discharge, allowing maintenance to be scheduled


Locate, analyze, and classify discharge easily with this convenient, smart tool

• Safely detect problems from distances up to 130 m

• Upload, store, and back up data; create reports; and conduct deep analysis using FLIR Acoustic Camera Viewer cloud or FLIR Thermal Studio desktop


• View images in the cloud immediately after capture thanks to automatic upload feature

• Determine the level of threat from partial discharge with Severity Assessment software analytics

Data sheet
Field of View (HxV)
62° × 49°
Image Frequency (Hz)
30 Hz (Acoustic image)
Frequency (Hz)
2 KHz to 65 KHz, adjustable range
32 GB (internal), 8 GB (external)
2000 snapshots, video up to 5 minutes
Digital Camera Resolution (pixels)
800 × 480 pixels
Color 5" TouchScreen, 800 x 480 pixels, Brightness 1000 cd/m²
Other functions
Automatic AI-based severity assessment including recommended actions
- Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz IEEE 802.11.b/g/n/ac wireless LAN
Battery Li-Ion; Usage: more than 2 h (depends on ambient conditions)
Operating temperature range (°C)
–10 °C ... +50 °C
Dimensions (L x l x H)
315 × 169 × 160 mm (camera)
1.25 Kg (Including All Accessories)
Ultrasonic Emission Measurement
124 low-noise MEMS microphones, real-time sound visualization
Discharge detection
Automatic detection 50 / 60 Hz
Discharge classification: Positive and negative corona, Floating discharge, Surface or internal discharge
Detection Distance
0.3 m ... 130 m
Dynamic range
-15 dB (low limit)
120 dB (high limit)

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