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Amphenol M16 (C091)

Amphenol signal|mate® M16-A (C091) series circular connectors are recognized industry standard for compact signal and power transmission. The M16-A (C091) series provides IP40 protected metal connectors with industry standard M16 screw locking and is a reliable and cost efficient interconnect solution for indoor applications.

The series features 2-8 and 12-19 pin connectors. For contact plating, our customers can choose between silver, flash gold (NEW) and hard gold for crimping and soldering. Furthermore, there are different solutions for direct connection to the PCB.

Product features:

  • Protection class IP40 when mated
  • M16 screw locking according to IEC 61076-2-106
  • Metal housing with shielding connection (via clamp)
  • 13 contact arrangements on a shell size of Ø18mm
  • From 2 to 19 pin for signal and power transmission
  • Current transmission up to 10A at 300V AC/DC
  • Wire cross-section 0.05-1mm² / AWG 30-20
  • Colored backshells available as accessory
  • Qualified according to UL1977 / certificate number E63093

M16 circular connectors of the signal|mate series are used e.g. in the fields of industrial automation, lighting, control systems, camera technology as well as measurement. The connection solutions are compatible with competitor products.

Amphenol C16

Amphenol eco|mate® C16 Family

The circular connectors of the eco|mate C16 family provide a range of different contact arrangements on two shell sizes. The portfolio includes connection solutions for multi-phase power transmission as well as a selection of combined hybrid interfaces. All versions come including a protective earth (PE) contact.

Characteristics of the eco|mate C16 series are the use of robust plastic, a reliable bayonet locking and mechanical codability. Especially the cost-efficient assembly is an advantage from which many of our customers are already benefiting.

The product family can be divided into two sub-series:

  • C16-3: Power and hybrid solutions: 10 contact arrangements on 2 shell sizes; up to 36A and 900V; crimp and screw contacts with wire cross-section 0.09-6mm²; protection class IP65
  • C16-L: Contact arrangement 4+PE especially for three-phase PV inverters; up to 50A at 600V; screw contacts with wire cross-section 2.5-8.3mm²; protection class IP65

Circular connectors of the eco|mate C16 family are used e.g. in the fields of industrial automation, mechanical engineering; renewable energies, control systems and lighting technology.

Amphenol ECTA

Amphenol ECTA 133 connectors with push-pull locking system are used wherever it is necessary to insert it safely and blindly. It is particularly suitable for indoor use, in industry, in railways, in apparatus and vehicle construction and diagnostics.

This series is nickel-plated in aluminum. Increased mating cycles, pressure-tight sockets, fiber optic contacts are available in many polar patterns. Series 1331: Connector with leading ground contact, 3 and 5 pole, 15-125A. Series 1332: from 3 to 41 contacts, 5A (punched, rolled contacts) 7.5A (twisted contacts).


  • Operating temperature range: from -40 ° to + 125 ° C
  • Protection class: IP66 / 67
  • Metal push-pull
  • Salt spray test: 96 hours
  • Mating cycles: 1,000 / 5,000 / 100,000
  • Connectors according to EN 61984 and UL
  • Solder-crimp or solder-in Version
  • Quadrax contacts
MIL-C-5015 (MS, 97, 97B)

MS connectors meet the latest performance requirements of MIL-DTL-5015. These connectors represent well-proven electrical capability at an acceptable cost for most equipment where durability is important.

MIL-DTL-5015 features threaded couplings and single key/keyway polarization, representing maximum simplicity in design. Applications include industrial and military equipment, ordnance and shipboard installations.


  • Medium to heavy weight cylindrical
  • Durable, field-proven design
  • Environmental resistant
  • Resilient inserts
  • Operating voltage to 3000 VAC (RMS) at sea level
  • Threaded couplings
  • Single key/keyway shell polarization
  • Cost effective

Contacts are available in both solder and crimp versions.

Inserts are resilient neoprene, offering high dielectric strength, high arc resistance and resistance to vibration.

MIL-DTL-26482 (MS, 62IN/GB, PT..)

Miniature cylindrical connectors MIL-C-26482 offer twice the number of contacts in just half the size of a standard connector MIL-C-5015. These miniature connectors, are available in several series, each with varying design characteristics and customer options to meet cost considerations and provide maximum design flexibility. There are two styles within the family that are MS approved and qualified to MIL-DTL-26482, Series 1, and in addition there are several proprietary styles.

Common features of all styles:

  • All are for general duty applications and environmental sealing is achieved with the grommet and clamp design.
  • Operating temperature is from –55°C to +125°; Operating voltage to 1000 VAC (RMS) at sea level.
  • Pin and socket contacts are machined from low loss copper alloy and gold plated to eliminate contact corrosion and provide an indefinite shelf life.
  • All have resilient inserts which provide high dielectric strength and moisture barrier.
  • A variety of shell finishes (including non-cadmium) and a variety of backend accessories are available within the styles.
MIL-DTL-38999 (LJT/HE308, TV..)

Subminiature cylindrical connectors were developed to meet the needs of the aerospace industries and provided the impetus for development of the MIL-C-38999 specifications, which recently were superseded by MIL-DTL-38999. Circular connectors MIL-C-38999 are available in different materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, marine bronze, composite and with various surfaces such as zinc-tin, green cadmium, black-zinc-nickel and nickel-plated.


  • Lightweight, Space Saving Design
  • Contact Protection - 100% scoop-proof design prevents bent pins and short circuits during mating
  • 38999-Qualified Insulator and EMI Spring
  • Quick Coupling Double Start Thread
  • Quick Positive Coupling - 3 point bayonet lock system
  • Mismating Eliminated - with 5 key/keyway design
  • Error Proof Alternate Positioning - insured by different key/keyway locations
  • EMI Shielding - grounding fingers standard in LJT Series; optional in JT Series
  • Nine Shell Sizes and a Variety of Shell Styles
  • Contact Options - size 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 22M and 22D Crimp, Solder, PCB, Wire wrap, Coax, Twinax, Triax, Thermocouple, Fiber Optic and Filter
  • Fixed Solder Contacts - per MIL-C-27599 
  • Hermetic - air leakage limited to 1 X 10-7 cm3 per second optional
  • Inventory Support Commonality - uses standard MIL-C-38999 contacts, insert arrangements and application tools.
  • Several materials et platings available, with RoHS & REACH compliant versions


  • Military Avionics
  • Commercial Avionics
  • Military vehicles
  • C5ISR
Amphenol RJ Field

Amphernol Rugged Ethernet , USB Connectors for Harsh Environment, SOCAPEX solutions for military, aerospace and industrial applications

Amphenol 164 (MIL-DTL-55116)

Amphenol 164 series connectors are water resistant, five & six pin contact electrical connectors for use in low voltage audio frequency circuits & applications. They employ three-point bayonet coupling for quick disconnect & self wipe contact.

These connectors are extensively used in military communications equipment, where high reliability is paramount & severe environmental conditions are encountered.

Amphenol 164 series connectors are qualified to MIL-DTL-55116 specification. They are interoperable with any other manufacturers product which is designed as per MIL-DTL-55116.

Amphenol MS101000-10, receptacle sealing gasket
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Amphenol MS101000, box mounting receptacle connector sealing gasket, size # 10, # 10S, # 10SL.
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Amphenol MS101006-28, Receptacle Sealing Gasket
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 Amphenol MS101006-28, box mounting receptacle connector sealing gasket, size #28.
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Amphenol MS101004-20, receptacle sealing gasket
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 Amphenol MS101004-20, box mounting receptacle connector sealing gasket, size # 20.
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Amphenol MS101002-16, receptacle sealing gasket
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Amphenol MS101002-16, box mounting receptacle connector sealing gasket, size # 16, size # 16S.
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Amphenol MS101003-18, receptacle sealing gasket
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Amphenol MS101003, box mounting receptacle connector sealing gasket, size # 18.
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Amphenol MS108687-24, Receptacle Sealing Gasket
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 Amphenol MS108687-24, box mounting receptacle connector sealing gasket, size #24.
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Amphenol MS101001-14, receptacle sealing gasket
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Amphenol MS101001-14, box mounting receptacle connector sealing gasket,, size # 14, # 14S.
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Amphenol MS108686-12, receptacle sealing gasket
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Amphenol MS108686, box mounting receptacle connector sealing gasket, size # 12, # 12S.
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