Thermal imaging cameras for predictive maintenance, research and building diagnostics. medical thermography. optical gas imaging. Infrared cameras for firefighters. Thermographic cameras for research and special applications.

Thermal Vision

Thermal vision cameras,  thermal outdoor cameras, fire and rescue handheld cameras, long range thermal imaging, wildlife management, patrolling and policing, law enforcement thermal cameras, surveillance thermal cameras

Video and Night-Vision

Video cameras in the visible field, ultra low-light video cameras, high-speed cameras, machine-vision cameras, borescope inspection cameras, long-range surveillance cameras, Pan-Tilt systems, lens and accessories

Test and Measurement

Digital multimeters, clamp meters, electromagnetic field meters, thermometers, air flow meters,sound meters, stopwatches, timers and clocks, tachometers, thickness gauges, vibration meters, voltage testers and current testers, water quality meters, moisture meters, gas detectors and analyzers, ground resistance testers etc.

Blower Door Systems

Blower Door Systems for residential, large and industrial buildings, detection of a building air leakage locations, air leak tests. Special instruments for energy auditors, HVAC and building contractors and remodelers, home inspectors

Miniature Lamps

Miniature Lamps: incadescent, neon, LED.  Socle types: BA7, BA9s, BA15d, BA20d, T1 3/4, T4,5, T5,5, T6,8

Cable components

Special purpose heat shrink tubing designed for optimum high temperature fluid resistance, and long term heat resistance. Resistant to aviation and diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils. High performance metallic braid with excellent EMI shielding and lightning protection for wires and cable harness systems. 

Indicators and Switches

Illuminated pushbuttons, Emergency stop switches, Double pushbuttons, Selector switches, Door-opening pushbuttons, Indicators, Buzzers, Keylock switches, Toggle switches, Lever switches, Joysticks, Interlocking switches, Keypads


Aluminum tripods with crank and telescopic legs

Hikmicro AD21, Indoor Water Leak Detection Instrument
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HIKMICRO Acoustic Leak Detector AD21 supports quick inspection mode and route inspection mode, which is suitable for different users' habits. HIKMICRO AD21 can quickly locate the scope of the leakage point, improve the detection efficiency, and reduce the loss caused by leakage.
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KANE 358INT, Domestic Boiler Analyser
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KANE358INT is an ergonomically designed flue gas analyzer with direct measurement of carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2),with protection of the sensors. Based on measured CO and CO2 values it calculates O2, so you don't have to use an electrochemical oxygen measuring cell, which wears very quickly in standard flue gas analyzers. It also measures NO (required by Romanian regulations), temperature and pressure. 
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KANE 958, Commercial Boiler Analyser with KANE LINK
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KANE958 is a commercial boiler gas analyser with CO sensor over-range protection, CP2T combustion probe & USB1 charger, 2 psi pressure sensor & pressure hose. Tests boilers up to 5 MW; Latest upgradeable sensor technology; Easy to use rotary dial; Purge pump protection. KANE LINK and KANE-IRP3 printer are included.
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