MALA MIRA Compact, High-Speed 3D Array Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), 30 data channels
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MALA MIRA Compact, High-Speed 3D Ground Penetrating Radar

MALÅ 3D Imaging Radar Array (MIRA) is a high-speed, one-pass 3D GPR system and the most effective solution for large-area GPR mapping.

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MALA MIRA Compact, High-Speed 3D Ground Penetrating Radar

MALA MIRA Compact, High-Speed 3D Ground Penetrating Radar

MALÅ 3D Imaging Radar Array (MIRA) is a high-speed, one-pass 3D GPR system and the most effective solution for large-area GPR mapping.

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3D GPR mapping in a compact format

MALA MIRA Compact includes our world-renowned MALÅ HDR real-time sampling technology providing ultra-fast measurements and razor sharp data. The solution seamlessly integrates acquisition, processing, QA/QC, positioning and interpretation of ground penetrating radar data.

Note: Standard configuration includes DELL Latitude 7330 Rugged Extreme Laptop

Typical application areas

MALÅ MIRA Compact is designed for any 3D mapping project. Application areas include:

  • Utility mapping
  • Archaeology
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST detection)
  • General road assessment
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO)
  • Sinkhole detection
  • Clandestine graves
  • General site investigations

Large area 3D mapping

With the highest data-channel density on the market MALÅ MIRA Compact delivers unsurpassed resolution. The MALÅ MIRA Compact produces data with less noise, at higher speeds, with more functionality using improved mechanical design and modern software. The MIRA Compact is a hand-pushed, flexible and cost-effective 3D GPR solution, optimized for 3D mapping of buried objects and artefacts.


Up to 30 data channels

The MIRA Compact GPR array uses a 500 MHz centre frequency, The system is normally set up to collect 10 parallel data channels but the system is capable of collecting up to 30 data channels simultaneously since it allows data collection from any transmitter-receiver combination in the whole array.

MIRA Compact delivers 32-bit output, producing exceptional data quality, even at high speed surveys. The 6.5 cm channel spacing allows for the collection of precise, high resolution data.




MALÅ HDR (High Dynamic Range) GPR

The MALÅ MIRA Compact has been designed to take full advantage of the MALÅ HDR technology, giving you the best possible GPR data quality, resolution and bandwidth . 

The MALÅ HDR, real-time sampling technology produces data with significantly lower noise levels, compared to traditional GPR systems. A lower noise floor gives a wider bandwidth when compared to conventional time-interleaved systems. This removes more of the background interference, giving sharper data with higher contrast, and the ability to see deeper than non-HDR systems.




MALA Controller

With the new MIRA Controller acquisition software, you will experience a modern and easy-to-use interface with integrated navigation aids helping you to maximize the quality of your measurements. MIRA Controller tracks the performance and data collection in detail helping you to maintain the correct speed and course.

For more information about MALA Vision <click here>





GPS for surveying, mapping and navigation. Get the most out of a survey by pairing your MALÅ GPR with the Emlid Reach RS2

Locate buried objects and artifacts with accuracy. Pairing the RS2 and MALÅ GPR gives your data a unique position for each pulse, letting you identify and mark the position and depth of buried metallic and non-metallic objects.



Ground Penetrating Radar, 3D GPR

Data sheet
Frequency (Hz)
200 .. 800 MHz
Numar de canale
Rechargeable Internal Li-Ion Battery
IP degree of protection
Dimensions (L x l x H)
117 x 98 x 105 cm
42 Kg
Swath width (cm)
60 cm
Channel spacing (cm)
6.5 cm

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