FLIR T865, High-Performance Handheld Infrared Camera (-40 .. 2000°C)
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FLIR T865, High-Performance Handheld Infrared Camera (-40 .. 2000°C)

FLIR T865 is a high-performance handheld infrared camera needed for fast, accurate detection of hot spots and hidden deficiencies: thermal detector 640 ×480 pixels, 5MP visual camera and expanded temperature measurement range -40 to 2000°C for easier detection of hot spots and hidden anomalies on electrical and mechanical assets.

IMPORTANT! FLIR T865 can be sold only in Romania! Contact us directly for more information.

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The FLIR T865 thermal imaging camera is a non-contact inspection tool with 180° rotating optical block that allows users to safely and comfortably assess the condition of critical electrical and mechanical equipment in utility and manufacturing applications. With advanced features including unmatched temperature measurements down to -40°C, accuracy as good as 1°C/1%, 1-Touch Level/Span contrast enhancement, and laser–assisted autofocus, you'll get highly accurate temperature measurements every time. Pair the T865 with a 6 FOV IR lens to perform inspections on small targets from long distances. The on-board Inspection Route system helps you record temperature data and imagery in a logical sequence for faster troubleshooting and repair. The T865 also features FLIR Ignite for automatic uploading of images directly from the camera to the cloud for easy, secure storage and sharing. Adding a FLIR T865 camera to a condition monitoring/predictive maintenance program can help reduce maintenance costs, improve system efficiency and reliability, and prevent downtime due to outages.

Develop inspection routes in FLIR Thermal Studio Pro and upload to a T865 using Route Creator to quickly and easily collect and manage critical data.

Assess the state of equipment from a safe distance, at any angle, or in any lighting condition using the 180° rotating optical block, integrated eyepiece viewfinder, and 4–inch color IPS display

Increase in–field efficiency with exceptional measurement accuracy, enhanced thermal imagery, and workflow optimizations to save time and share data faster.


FLIR MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) adds visible light details to thermal images in real time for greater clarity, embedding edge and outline detail onto thermal readings. Unlike image fusing (merging of a visible light and thermal image), MSX does not dilute the thermal image or decrease thermal transparency. 

MSX is not a fusion of thermal and visible images—the software is designed only to capture useful visible details like lines and edges that are then superimposed directly onto the thermal picture. This gives images captured on lower-resolution cameras more defined details.

FLIR Systems MSX

            Thermal image without MSX                          Thermal image with MSXt

IMPORTANT! FLIR T865 can be sold only in Romania! Contact us directly for more information.

Data sheet
FLIR T865-24
IR Detector Resolution (pixels)
640 x 480
Thermal Sensitivity / NETD (°C, mK)
≤ 30 mK at 30°C (lens 42°)
Field of View (HxV)
14 ° x 10 ° (29mm) telephoto
24° × 18° (17mm) standard
42 ° x 32 ° (10mm) wide-angle
Continuous autofocus / one-shot autofocus, manual
Temperature range (°C)
-40 .. 2000 °C
±1°C: 5 to 100°C, ±1%: 100 to 120°C, ±2 % or ±2 °C for rest of temperature range
Measuring functions
10 Spots, Auto-spot (Hot/Cold), Box (Max/Min/Avg), Isotherm, DeltaT
SDCard 8GB included
4", 640 ×480 pixel touchscreen LCD with auto-rotation
Viewfinder (Yes)
Image processing
MSX™ (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging)
Other functions
Distance and area measurement (LRF integrated)
USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, GPS
Laser sighting
1 spot
Complete with
2 batteries
Charger for 2 batteries
Hard transport case
USB Cable, HDMI adapter
Operating temperature range (°C)
-15 .. 50 °C

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